APO access through ApoBridge

ApoBridge is the rapid development framework for IPG CarMaker extensions. By importing ApoBridge in your .NET project, you instantly gain access to the IPG CarMaker APO interface. ApoBridge comes with XML API documentation and supports mockability by offering an importable interface.

ApoBridge offers support for 32- and 64-bit libraries and integrates well with C++, C# and Visual Basic. There is no need for platform invokes, pointer management, marshalling or unsafe code passages, since ApoBridge abstracts the native imports.

Since ApoBridge makes simulation quantities accessible over network, it can also be used to connect to Linux and HIL machines. And thanks to the fast mapping used in ApoBridge, there are close to none latencies.

ApoBridge comes with C# code samples. Accessing the IPG CarMaker from custom applications has never been easier.