SoundMaker Professional

The SoundMaker Professional is a standalone 3D audio module for the IPG CarMaker®. It has been developed from scratch in close cooperation with commercial and university users. As an extension for the IPG CarMaker®, it aims to be as unobtrusive while adjustable as possible.


Switching the sound profile in the tray menu

The SoundMaker Professional is therefore the recommended audio module for IPG CarMaker® based driving simulators, used by racing teams, scientists, automakers and suppliers. The provided gain in realism and immersion takes IPG CarMaker® based driving simulators to the next level.

Simple, yet powerful

The SoundMaker Professional comes with a set of sound profiles which work out-of-the-box. It runs as a background service and automatically detects simulation starts in the IPG CarMaker®. Sound profiles and settings can easily be changed on the fly through the tray application. Intelligent default options can be chosen with few clicks and minimize the necessary interaction with the SoundMaker to close to none.

The SoundMaker Professional has its own OpenAL 3D audio engine. It automatically updates sound sources based on their position in the simulation and calculates the distance based noise attenuation and the Doppler Effect. It is also possible to manually change the current position of the listener in the simulation, even while the simulation is running. A simple to use dialog supports numerous settings with just a few mouse clicks, no matter if you want to sit behind the wheel, stand at the side of the road while the car is passing by or simply bind the listener position to the IPGMovie® camera. This is even possible if the IPGMovie® application is running on another computer in the same network.

HiL & Network Support

In order to support the different hardware and software components available, the SoundMaker Professional connects to the IPG CarMaker® using a network protocol. This way, it is easily possible to run the SoundMaker on a different system and connect to the IPG CarMaker® instance running on Linux or HiL systems.  That said, it is of course also supported to run the SoundMaker on the same system as the IPG CarMaker®. There is furthermore dynamic support for multiple IPG CarMaker® instances running on the same host.

Extensibility and Adjustability

SoundMaker Professional Editor with Profile Wizard

The profile wizard

The SoundMaker Professional contains a powerful editor with syntax checking to create new sound profiles. You can use the provided samples or use your own recordings. The intelligent wizard will automatically create your desired profile based on the characteristics specified by you. All IPG CarMaker® quantities exported by your model are available to create mathematical rules for your profile. The highly optimized calculation engine, which has specifically been developed for the SoundMaker, adjusts itself to your system and makes dynamically use of multicore CPUs. The number of sources is only limited by hardware capabilities, whereby even common desktop systems provide sufficient performance to evaluate complex profiles with more than 100 sources in realtime. The rule based profiles allow different symbolic equations to define the behavior of position, direction, velocity, volume and pitch for each source independently.

Powerusers are also able to configure even the basic fundamentals of the simulation like the exact noise attenuation model and the speed of sound, while no specific knowledge of traffic acoustics is needed for the everyday use at all.

Video Gallery

Our video gallery contains detailed examples of how easily the SoundMaker is installed, used and configured. There is also a self-hosted version, if your company network does not allow the playback of videos from Youtube.