SoundMaker Professional News #4

Welcome back to SoundMaker News! For the last four years, we kept announcements strictly to our newsletters. Now, we decided to change our news and version announcements back to blog entries due to a couple of reasons:

  • The public appearance is that the work on the SoundMaker has more or less stopped. While subscribers to our newsletter know that this is not the case, visitors of our website were left with the impression that nothing happend since the release of version in 2014.
  • We received notice that the SoundMaker Newsletter does not reliably pass spam filters. Since we announced new software releases and security patches only in our newsletter, this is a major problem.
  • There are often small fixes or changes in the SoundMaker which do not justify sending out an e-mail to all our customers. Still, the information might be of value to some customers. A short blog entry might benefit both sides.
  • As some of you already know, we are currently drafting a new major release. We value the input and wishes of our prospective customers as much as the insights we gain from our current customer feedback. Unfortunately, the audience of our newsletter left our prospective customers pretty much out of the loop. Public blog entries on our website are a simple way to address prospective and current customers in the same form.

That said, our subscriber numbers show that our version announcements via email are still very much valued. We will therefore continue our “opt-out” version announcements. All other newsletters will be discontinued in favor of our blog. To keep everyone informed without checking our website regularly, we added an RSS feed you are welcome to subscribe to. The link has also been added to the footer of the website for convenience.