SoundMaker Release 1.2.0

A new SoundMaker version has been released for production use. With SoundMaker 1.2.0 we introduced support for CM4SL Version 6.0 and other applications which rely on publishing additional quantities after the start of the simulation. This version also marks the end of the transition to APO 6.0, which began in 2017 with the release of 1.1.0 and 1.1.1. Additionally, continuing our efforts from version 1.1.0, we could further reduce ressource consumption. Version 1.2.0 now uses up to 35% less CPU time than Version 1.0.1 did in the same simulation runs.

Adletec customers eligable for an upgrade have received the update link via e-mail. Eligable customers of our distribution partners will receive their copy of the package from them. All our distribution partners carry a branded installation package starting tomorrow.

You will find the full list of changes below and in the most recent version of the SoundMaker Manual.

Changes in SoundMaker Professional 1.2.0

  • Introduces support for late quantities (as required by CM4SL >= 6.0)
  • Improves the thread handling in the APO connection component
  • Introduces a new license format which contains support period and designated license versions for trial, partner, university, and commercial licenses (requires license change)
  • Adds the support period and the license version to the “About…” dialog
  • Fixes a bug in the licensing component which could lead to a crash while trying to load a damaged license file
  • Fixes a bug in the configuration component which can lead to a crash while trying to load an inconsistent configuration
  • Improves logging in the startup sequence
  • Adds customized installation packages which can be branded for different distributors