Profile Editor Enhancements

As many of you know, the SoundMaker comes with the powerful Profile Editor. The editor can be used to edit or create new sound profiles and includes a simple wizard to create new profiles blazingly fast.

I recently had the chance to talk to a long time SoundMaker customer about their use of the Profile Editor. A group of student employees used the profile editor to create a complete scene including multiple different traffic objects and ambient sound. The result is an impressively large sound profile, even by our standards. Since they obviously invested a lot of time and effort into fine tuning the profile, they identified a couple of use cases which could vastly improve the user experience for such large scale profile creation:

  • Deletion / Duplication of multiple sources at once
  • Automated traffic object generation
  • Grouping sources
  • A more detailed formula error analysis
  • Testing a sound profile directly in the profile editor

We are currently working on some of the above use cases and are happy to report that the deletion of multiple sources at once is already implemented and will be part of the very next release.

Batch processing of sources in the Profile Editor

Furthermore, we are working on a new version of the profile wizard, which generates more efficient rules. This should reduce the amount of manual optimization needed for very large sound profiles.

If you do have further wishes for profile editor enhancements, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking forward to hearing from our customers about their experiences with our products. Your input helps us make a better product.